A La Carte Menu

Senior Citizen Special

12.30pm – 3.30pm • 5.30pm – 11pm

5pm – 11pm

3 course meal from our dining in menu for all senior citizens

Special Banquet Evening

Wednesday & Sunday
6.30pm – 11pm

5 course meal from our dining in menu

General Employee Dinner Evening

6.30pm – 11pm

5 course meal from our dining in menu
Half Price (50% OFF)


Shimla Mirch (Grilled Stuff Pepper)

Spiced mince meat or vegetables stuffed in a green pepper, baked in the tandoor oven and served in a spicy tomato sauce.

Green Chilli Chicken Kebab

Indian kebab spiced marinated chicken with fresh green chilli, coriander, garlic, ginger, onion, cumin seed.

Grilled Tikka (Chicken/Lamb/Mushroom)

Traditional style cooked tikka with Indian herbs and spice.

Sharing Grilled Platter for two (price per person)

Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, shami kebab (per person) Grilled pepper, tomato, onion and lemon, comes on sizzling.

Samosa (vegetable or meat)

Traditional style home made samosa with salad and chutney.

Butterfly (chicken or king prawn)

Very crispy Indian style butterfly, served with salad and chutney.

Tiger Prawn Puri or Chicken Chat Puri

Crispy puri bread come with your choice filling (sweet sour , medium spiced).

Sheek kebab / Shami kebab

Spiced marinated lamb meat mince kebab, shami kebab served on top well done egg omelette.

Garlic Tiger Prawn or Garlic Mushroom

Stir fried style cooked with garlic onion, pepper fresh ginger and coriander on top.

Onion Bhaji or Vegetable Pakora

Very crispy medium spiced, served with salad and chutney.

Vegetables £5.95  •  Chicken/Lamb/Tiger Prawn £6.95

Poppadoms Plain (each)  £0.75
Poppadoms Spicy (each)  £0.75
Chutney Selection  £1.50 / head
Mixed Pickle, Tomato Salsa, Mango Chutney, Mint Sauce

From the Tandoor Oven

Tandoori Mixed Grill

A selection of baked meats – lamb tikka, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and shami kebab, grilled vegetables, served with a mixed salad.

Grilled Lamb Chop

Marinated in yoghurt, garam masala, zeera, garlic, ginger and fresh herbs cooked in the tandoor on a slow fire with grilled tomato, pepper, red onion, mushroom and lemon.

Chicken Shaslik / Lamb Shaslik / Vegetable Shaslik

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt and mild spices and cooked on the skewer with green peppers, tomatoes and onions. Served with a mixed salad.

Slow Cooked, Tandoori Grilled King Prawn

Tandoori spiced marinated grilled king prawn with grilled lemon, red onion, green pepper, tomato and mushroom. Served with Cyprus style salad and Indian chutney.

Tandoori Grilled Salmon with Aubergine Fried

Grilled tomato, onion, pepper, lemon with Bombay style salad and chutney.

Thai Style Mango Chicken (grilled)

Marinated Chicken with creamy sauce, served with fresh mango.

Tandoori Grilled Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka / Mushroom Tikka

The classical dish of marinated chicken in a slightly tangy selection of spices before being baked. Served with sizzling onions and mixed salad.

Half Tandoori Chicken

The classical dish of marinated chicken in a slightly tangy selection of spices before being baked. Served with sizzling onions and mixed salad.

Vegetable / Chicken £11.95  •  Lamb £12.95  •  Mixed Grill / Salmon / King Prawn £14.95

Chef’s Selection

Garlic Chilli Masala

North Indian style, cooked medium strength spiced garlic, chilli masala with Lamb or Chicken or King Prawn, topped with fresh coriander, ginger and fried garlic.

Lamb Red Wine Mushroom Piaza

New Zealand tender Lamb leg meat cooked in Australian Red Wine with Indian spice jalfrezi style, garlic, ginger and wild mushroom. (medium strength hot).

Tava Sizzling

Under 1 year old tender Duck meat cooked with Indian special meat masala spice. Sweet and sour medium spiced style, comes sizzling topped with fresh coriander and ginger.

Lamb Shatkora or Chicken Shatkora

A wild lemon grown in Sylhet Bangladesh, a distinctive flavour not to be missed. Cooked with a blend of spices in a thick sauce and fresh herbs.

Bengali Fish Jalfrezi style Bhuna

Exclusive boyal fish and seasonal vegetables cooked with East Bangal style medium spice, green chilli, fresh coriander, spring onion and garlic. (medium strength hot).

House Special Mixed Jalfrezi

Flavoured with a hint of ginger and fresh green chillies to a hot taste, peppers, onion, tomatoes comes with chicken, lamb, tiger prawn and egg, fresh coriander and ginger on top (medium strength hot).

New Delhi style Rezela

Home cooked style British lamb mince meat, special spiced medium hot and served sizzling. (lamb or chicken or king prawn).

Kebab Cocktail Masala

Marinated mince meat BBQ seekh kebab cooked with jalfrezi style medium strength sauce, served sizzling topped with fresh coriander and ginger.

Tandoori Dry Fry

Marinated BBQ chicken, lamb and king prawn cooked with medium spiced jalfrezi syle sauce, served with fresh coriander and ginger on top.

Korai Shaslik Sizzling Bhuna Style

Chicken, Lamb or King Prawn shashlik cooked with dry fry bhuna style medium strength spiced, comes sizzling

Chicken £11.95  •  Lamb £12.95  •  King Prawn / Fish / Tandoori Dry Fry £14.95

Finest Selection

Achari Chicken / Lamb

Gently cooked with mixed pickle, spring onion and coriander

Vintage Masala (mild) Chicken / Lamb

Indian home cooked style special mild masala sauce with British tender lamb mince meat, fresh Devon cream and seasonal fruits (not too sweet)

Chicken Mango Makhani

Tandoori spiced marinated chicken, grilled in the tandoori oven with a delicious butter chicken style creamy sauce with fresh mango

Jeera Chicken (mild cumin Chicken)

Chicken cooked in Indian homestyle special (sweet and sour style) yoghurt sauce, fresh lemon with cumin seeds and cauliflower as well.

Freshwater King Prawn delight

Marinated grilled king prawn cooked with a very delicious creamy fruity sauce with mango garnish (mild)

Shahi Korma

Special fruity creamy buttery korma sauce and chicken cauliflower paneer with melted cheese on top (mild)

Zafrani Chicken or Freshwater King Prawn

Chicken Tikka Masala style, zafran sauce with your choice of chicken or king prawn and coconut milk, fresh Devon cream and cumin seed


Cooked in a delightful sauce of coconut, mango, pineapple and bananas to produce a fruity dish which is not too sweet (mild)


Cooked in spicy sauce of onions, peppers and tomatoes and cheese on top, comes sizzling (medium)

Biriyani Dishes

The biriyani is the classical regal dish of India. Today in India is it always served at special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. The biriyani is a method of cooking rice with the juices of either vegetables, prawns, chicken or lamb.
All ingredients are slow cooked together in a large pot. Whole spices are used and a special fragrance come from the addition of rose water.
Each biriyani is accompanied by a vegetable curry dish.
A £2 surcharge is applied.

Chicken/Vegetables £11.95  •  Lamb/Tiger Prawn £12.95  •  King Prawn £14.95

Old Favourites

CURRY  /  MADRAS ?️  /  VINDALOO ?️?️  /  PHALL ?️?️?️


Creamy and silky dish flavoured with cinnamon and cardamom


Medium strength, cooked with tomatoes and onions


Cooked with lentils in a hot sweet sour sauce


Medium spiced, cooked with fresh green peppers and onions


Medium spiced, cooked with hot sweet and sour sauce


Medium spiced with well cooked in thick sauce

NAGA ?️?️?️

Hot spiced, cooked with methi leaves and fresh garlic


A mild and creamy dish slice of banana, pineapple


Medium spiced, cooked with fresh spinach, garlic and ginger


Fairly hot, cooked with onion & green peppers on sizzling


Cooked with exotic fruits, coconut and a dash of cream


A mild creamy sauce of cultured yoghurt, coconut, sultana and a dash of red wine


A fairly hot dish cooked with ginger, green peppers, onions and green chilli


Cooked with onions, green peppers and special balti sauce


Marinated with garlic, ginger mix, medium cooked with apricot and topped with fried potato

Vegetable/Chicken £10.95  •  Lamb/Tiger Prawn/Paneer £11.95  •  King Prawn £14.95


Taka Dall, Bombay potato, Spinach potato, Vegetable samba,
Chana Dall (chickpeas), Cauliflower potato, Cauliflower cheese,
Aubergine Balti (jalfrezi style), Garlic mushroom,
Vegetable (Balti or Korai or Jalfrezi) Okra Diuouaza,
Jeera Aloo (cumin seed cooked with potato, fresh cream, melted cheese on top),
Sag Paneer (bhuna style a bit creamy melted cheese on top), Onion Bhaji.

Side £4.95  •  Main £9.95


Home made style rice and bread

Basmati boiled rice, Basmati Pilau Rice,
Lachha Paratha, 2 Chapatis, Puri, Naan.

Stuffed Naan

(Keema, Peshwari, Garlic, Vegetables, Cheese)

Stuffed Paratha

(keema / potato / mixed vegetable)

Stuffed Rice

(mushroom rice/egg rice/special fried rice/ onion rice / garlic rice / cumin-
jeera rice / lemon rice / coconut rice)

Ordinary Rice and Bread £2.95  •  Stuffed Rice £4.95  •  Stuffed Bread £3.95

Wine List


Ca’ Del Lago Pinot Grigio, Igt Provincia Di Pavia – Italy

Green apple with peach and pear notes, into a finish with hints of elderflower.

Riverstone Ridge Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand

Ripe gooseberry, and citrus aromas with herbaceous notes, showing some tropical fruit and lime on the palate.

250ml £5.95  •  Bottle £18.95


Waters Edge Shiraz – Australia

Soft, round easy drinking red with well balanced fruit flavours and light spicy finish.

CYT Merlot – Chile

A smooth and ruby red Merlot, with red cherry and plum flavours and a hint of black pepper and spice.

250ml £5.95  •  Bottle £18.95


Whispering Hills White – Zinfandel, California

Loads of fresh summer-fruit flavours and lively acidity. Medium bodied to appeal to most palates, California’s own Zinfandel

Mateus – Portugal

Young, fresh, fruity and versatile wine.

250ml £5.95  •  Bottle £18.95


Paul Langier Brut

Bottle £49.95

Moet & Chandon

Bottle £49.95


Bottle £24.95


Soft Drinks

Coke (Pint)  £3.95
Diet Coke (Pint)  £3.95
Lemonade (Pint)  £3.95
Tonic Water  £1.95
Slimline Tonic Water  £1.95
Orange Juice  £3.95
Appletiser  £4.95
Cordial Dash (lime/orange)  £0.95
J20 Orange & Passionfruit  £2.95
J20 Apple & Mango  £2.95
Pineapple/Apple/Cranberry  £3.95
Juice (Pint)
Sparkling Water  £4.95
Still Water  £4.95


Vodka  £3.95
Gordons Gin  £3.95
Bacardi  £3.95
Malibu  £3.95
Sambuca  £3.95
Captain Morgan  £3.95
Jack Daniels  £3.95
Bells  £3.95
Martell VS  £3.95
Tia Maria  £3.95
Baileys  £3.95
Cointreau  £3.95
Archers  £3.95
Southern Comfort  £3.95

Beer / Cider

Cobra draught / bottle  £5.95
Kingfisher bottle  £5.95
Magners Cider bottle  £5.95

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